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Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow in “The Man Under the Hood”


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"Obviously, I’ve been born with red hair, so I’ve kind of heard it all my life, especially being brought up in Scotland by a lot of gingers. ‘Redheads have this big temper’ and ‘You don’t want to step on the wrong side of a redhead because you know they’ll flip their lid.’ But I’m not really good at being in an argument. I’m pretty terrible. Maybe if you back me into a corner."





I only take the best. by ~Miss-Alex-Aphey

Gah…Martha. I could not stand her. At first I was like oh cool a doctor in training she’ll be really clever, but nooooo she falls for the doctor.#LIKE NO BITCH HE’S STILL GETTING OVER ROSE FUCK OFF! I cannot be the only one who feels this way.

Actually, I thought Martha was probably the bravest of the lot. Because she did what any of us would do - she fell in love with the Doctor, I would too - but she was self-aware enough to realize when it got unhealthy, and she got out and made a better life for herself, on her own, after literally being the strongest person on the planet during the year that never was, and then when the Doctor found Rose again, Martha was happy for him.  

I ship Doctor/Rose. But it isn’t Martha’s fault she fell in love with someone whose literal introduction to her was kissing her full on the mouth. It isn’t like she fell for him on purpose, nobody goes into a crush like that thinking “Gee, I am going to develop romantic feelings solely to spite someone else.” 

It doesn’t work that way, and Martha Jones was a star. The Doctor thought she was brilliant; I don’t understand why companion hate is a thing. 

robert pattinson explains why an elephant is his favorite animal


Damon Salvatore // Season 3

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